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Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration - Information in English

The Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration is working with many international partners. Therefore this page provides crucial information in English about the Ministry and its leadership.

Who we are

Established around 200 years ago, the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration is one of Bavaria’s, and indeed one of Germany’s oldest ministries. The decisions taken at the Ministry of the Interior and for Integration often have important effects on our present and future lives. The ministry is responsible for a wide range of issues, including

  • E-Government and Data Protection
  • Constitutional Affairs and Public Administration
  • Towns and Communities, Municipal Affairs
  • Internal Security, Police, Public Safety and Order
  • Domestic Intelligence; Protection of the Constitution
  • Fire and Disaster Prevention, Rescue Services
  • Migration, Integration and Asylum Policy

In these policy areas, the Ministry of the Interior and for Integration has on the one hand a "governmental function". In other words, within its own sphere of responsibility, it prepares and implements Cabinet decisions. On the other hand, the ministry is the "supreme authority", for example, for police and municipal affairs. It sees to it that the law is observed uniformly throughout Bavaria and issues the appropriate directives. At the same time, it exercises ultimate authority over the bureaus it controls, that is, administrations, police departments and district administrator's offices. Part of this "administrative function" is to implement political and technical objectives set out by the ministers and state government, as well as ensuring that European legislation and federal German law are enforced.


The Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration is led by Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, who also serves as Deputy Governor of the Free State of Bavaria, and Permanent State Secretary Gerhard Eck. Both Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Eck are members of the Council of Ministers as well as the Bavarian State Parliament ("Bayerischer Landtag"). The administration is led by the Director General of the Ministry, Günter Schuster.

The Bavarian State Minister of the Interior and for Integration and his State Secretary take the political decisions and determine the policy objectives. The staff of the ministry advise the political leadership and work out solutions or concepts to implement the decisions.

Working with our partners

Traditionally, the Bavarian State Government has always cultivated good relations with foreign countries. For a highly advanced state like Bavaria, with a deeply rooted identity, it is impossible to imagine a sound future development without it being embedded in an international framework.

Bavaria’s partners are countries and regions in its immediate vicinity, in Europe and indeed all over the world. Wherever there are close connections with neighbours, wherever there are historical and cultural ties, wherever similarities to Bavaria become apparent, and wherever there is an opportunity for greater access to the world’s markets, the State Government acts as a door-opener and partner.

The Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration in this context take a proactive stance, building close relations with our neighbouring states and other international partners. Our focus internationally is to advance the security of our state, our citizens and companies - in Bavaria and beyond. Joined by Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior as well as be the Interior Ministry of the Bulgarian Republic, our Ministry coordinates Priority Area 11 "Security" of the European Union's Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). Other activities include regular political consultations and police cooperation with the United States of America as well as consultations with the People's Republic of China.

Contact or visit us

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the English language, if you have any questions or if you want to contact our international affairs specialists. Please direct all inquiries to

Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration
European Policy and International Relations Unit
Postfach (P.O. Box)
D-80524 Munich / Germany
Telephone +49 (0) 89 21 92-01
Fax +49 (0) 89 21 92-1 22 25
Email: poststelle@stmi.bayern.de

Visitor Information:
Odeonsplatz 3
80539 München
Subway lines U3, U4, U5, U6
Stop: Odeonsplatz
Bus line 100
Stop: Odeonsplatz